Ridiculous Questions

Stop It


Ask about the things that matter:

"Tell me about this open-source project that you worked on."
"Why are you passionate about it?"
"Do you like to travel?" (this shows they are worldly and curious)

Stop asking ridiculous questions.
"Why did you leave your previous employer?"

Honest answers that we all already know: low pay, bad people, no growth. But no one can say that.

And if they were laid off, does that matter? Not even a little bit.
If they were fired, they are not going to tell you that.

What they will say is fluff. A safe answer like:
"I am looking for something more challenging."
"I want to learn new skills and gain fresh experiences."
"I am seeking new growth opportunities."
"I want a better work-life balance." (possibly a honest answer, but is it helpful?)

The bottom line is, it is an empty question.