Take Care Of Your House

Because Your Employees Make The Business


Retention is about taking care of your house.

We retain employees by keeping them happy.
We keep them happy by paying them well.

There is no such thing as loyalty in business. This goes for employers and employees.

An employer can view their employees as disposable or invaluable. Just because an employee does their job, or even excels at it, does not guarantee that they will keep said job. This has been made ultra clear by the "cult of firing".

And on the other side, money is a fantastic motivator, and makes your employees want to stick around. It is a job. People work for a paycheque, because otherwise, they would be a volunteer.

We acquire world-class talent just the same.

Hiring 50 new employees, when you all you need is 8, is like trying to get an already pregnant woman pregnant again.

Repeat after me: